Installation on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)


(G)For C ++ version OpenRTM - aist is provided for Raspbian armhf for Raspberry Pi, deb package for armel. It takes about 3 hours when self-compiling with Raspberry Pi, so we recommend that you use this when packages are available. Please understand beforehand that correspondence to Raspbian and its version may be changed or suspended without notice.


(G)Supported version

At the moment the version of Raspbian that package is available

  • Raspbian "wheezy" (armhf architecture)
  • Soft-float Debian "wheezy" (armel architecture)


(G)Preparing an SD memory card

Download the image from the following page and write it to the SD memory card. SD memory card should be more than 4 GB . For details on how to write to the SD memory card, refer to RPi SD Card Setup.

On Windows, write using Win32DiskImager etc. In Linux and Mac OS, write using dd.

 $ sudo dd if = / dev / <device file of SD memory card> of = <image file downloaded / decompressed> bs = 1 m

(G)Installing OpenRTM-aist

The installation method of OpenRTM - aist can roughly be divided into the following two installation methods.

  • Use bulk installation script provided by
  • Specify -apt-get or synaptic package manager

Please install according to your preference.

(G)How to use bulk installation script

  • Download the installation script provided by from the download page and execute it with root privilege. This script installs required packages sequentially with apt-get.

It is very convenient because it installs all necessary packages for developing and executing OpenRTM-aist. It is also recommended for those who try installing OpenRTM-aist for the first time or compiling the source. Please check here for detailed installation method and kind of option package.

How to use apt-get

(G)Edit source.list provides a package repository available from apt-get I will. However, since it is not included in the default package repository, It is necessary to change the setting of apt-get.

Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list.

 > su
 # vi /etc/apt/sources.list # Edit "sources.list"

  deb (code name) main
Added one line of. For "(code name)", specify the code name corresponding to the version of raspbian below.

version code name
Debian GNU Linux
Debian 7.0 wheezy

The past / current version / codename of Raspbian can be checked from

(G)Installation with apt-get

Follow the procedure below to install. On the way, you will be asked for some responses, so please complete with y .

 # apt-get update
 # apt-get install gcc g++ make uuid-dev
 # apt-get install libomniorb4-1 libomniorb4-dev omniidl omniorb-nameserver
 # apt-get install openrtm-aist openrtm-aist-doc openrtm-aist-dev openrtm-aist-example

If you want to keep installed version of OpenRTM - aist as it is, edit /etc/apt/preferences and add the following line. (In this example, version is fixed to 1.1 series.)

 Package: OpenRTM-aist
 Pin: version 1.1.*

For details, refer to the following.

(G)Confirm installation

Confirm the installation.

 pi@raspberrypi ~ $ dpkg -l 'openrtm*'
 Request = (U)unknown / (I)installation / (R)delete / (P)complete delete / (H)hold
 (H)Semi-install / (W)Wait for trigger / (T)Trigger on hold (N)No / (I)Installed / (C)Setting / (U)Expanding /
 | / Error? = (Blank)No / (R)Required reinstallation (status, error capital letter = abnormal)
 || / Name                  Version        Architecture description
 ii  openrtm-aist          1.1.0-0         armhf           OpenRTM-aist, RT-Middleware distributed by AIST
 ii  openrtm-aist-dev      1.1.0-0         armhf           OpenRTM-aist headers for development
 ii  openrtm-aist-doc      1.1.0-0         all             Documentation for openrtm-aist
 ii  openrtm-aist-example  1.1.0-0         armhf           OpenRTM-aist examples

(G)Package details

The contents of each package are as follows.


openrtm - aist contains a runtime library and commands.

  • Command
  • Licensing etc.
  • Configuration file sample
  • Library


Openrtm - aist - dev contains commands and headers necessary for development.

  • Command
  • Licensing etc.
  • Header
  • Library · others


openrtm-aist-example contains samples of standalone RTC, loadable RTC and source of sample RTC.

  • Sample (stand-alone RTC)
  • Sample (source)
  • Sample (Loadable RTC)
  • License etc.


openrtm-aist-doc contains Japanese and English class reference, IDL interface definition reference.

  • Class Reference
  • IDL reference
  • Class Reference (English)
  • IDL Reference (English)
  • License etc.


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

Number of Projects


Motion editor/Dynamics simulator


Dynamics simulator


Integrated Development Platform

AIST RTC collection

RT-Components collection by AIST


Tokyo Opensource Robotics Association


Middleware for DAQ (Data Aquisition) by KEK