Installation on Windows

An MSI installer package for Windows is provided at This installs OpenRTM-aist as well as its dependencies, such as omniORB, and related tools, such as RTSystemEditor.

Installation by msi package

Download the msi package from download site of]. Python, PyYAML, CMake, Doxygen are also necessary, please install. & br; Visual Studio is required to develop components. You can download the free version from this page.

From version 1.1.2, all 3 languages (C++, Java, Python) + tools (Eclipse + rtshell) are bundled with one Windows installer. It is recommended that you uninstall older versions beforehand. Also, please see the notation of deficit notation in download site.

Invoking the installer

For the procedure, please read Let's start OpenRTM-aist in 10 minutes! page.

Installation details

Work contents of installer

The installer performs the following tasks.

  • Copy various files to the installation directory (default is C:\Program Files)
  • Start Menu Create an OpenRTM-aist folder below and set various shortcuts
  • Setting environment variables
  • Setting when using msi for 32 bit
 RTM_BASE=C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\
 RTM_ROOT=C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\
 RTM_JAVA_ROOT=C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\
 OMNI_ROOT=C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\omniORB\4.2.1_vc12\
 OpenCV_DIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\OpenCV2.4.11\
 OpenRTM_DIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\cmake\
Additional setting to -PATH
  • Setting when using msi for 32 bit

 C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\bin\vc12\ 
 C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\omniORB\4.2.1_vc12\bin\x86_win32\ 
 C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRTM-aist\1.1.2\OpenCV2.4.11\x86\vc12\bin\ 

We provide a script to check the setting of the installation environment. We will explain how to use the script and what you can check on the following page.

Files to be installed

The file is installed with the following structure.
Executing script to check the setting of the above installation environment saves the directory structure under OpenRTM-aist by the tree command in the log file, so you can check the details I can do it.

   + OpenRTM-aist
      + 1.x.x  :Old version runtime
      + <version>
         + bin: dll, lib, various commands
         + cmake: OpenRTMConfig.cmake
         + coil: coil header file
         + Components
            + CXX:
               + Examples: C++ Sample components
               + OpenCV: OpenCV C++ Sample Component
            + Java: Java Sample component
            + Python: Python Sample component
         + etc: rtc.conf sample
         + ext: ComponentObserverConsumer
         + jar:
         + jre: OpenJDK JRE
         + omniORB
         + OpenCV
         + rtm: OpenRTM-aist header file
            + idl: OpenRTM-aist IDL file
         + util
            + OpenRTP:
            + RTSystemEditor:
            + rtc-template:


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

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