Build from the source code

If you want to change the source of OpenRTM-aist-Java, you can compile it from the source code.

Building the distribution source code

OpenRTM-aist (Java version) provides a build environment using Eclipse.

dependent library

The following development environment and libraries are required to build OpenRTM-aist.

Please follow the documentation for each library and install it.

Download the Source code

Download the source code for OpenRTM-aist-Java.

Expanding the source code

First, extract the source code to an appropriate directory.
  • In the case of Linux
     $ tar xvzf OpenRTM-aist-Java-X.X.X.tar.gz
  • For Windows, use a tool that can extract tgz.


Importing a project

Here's how to build it. (The figure shows the Windows version of Eclipse 3.4.2.) Start Eclipse and import the project into your workspace. Select [File]>[Import].


The Import Select window will open. Now, select [General] > [Existing Project into Workspace] and click the [Next>] button.

Import 'Select' window

The Import Project window will open. Select the directory that has been expanded to [Select root directory] and click [Finish].

[Import Project] window'

You can now import the project into your workspace.

JDE settings

Configure the JDK to be used for the build. First, go to [Window]>[Preferences] to open the settings screen.


Select [Java] > [Installed JREs] from the tree on the left and press the add button.

Installed JREs

Select "Standard VM" and click "Next>".

Add a JRE.

Specify the path of the jre directory under the JDK installed directory into [JRE home] input box, specify JRE name into [JRE name] input box, and click [Finish].

JRE settings

Turn on the checkbox of the JDK set in [installed JRE] list and click [Apply and close].

Configure the JDK.

From the package explorer, right-click on "build.xml" and select [Run As]>[2 Ant Build...] from the package explorer, right-click [run]>[2 Ant build...].

[Run As]>[2 Ant Build...]

The configuration edit window appears. Now, select jar, idlCompile, idlCompileEtc, clean, and compile_win and click the [Run] button.

Configuration Edit Window

Then the build begins. If the message BUILD SUCCESSFUL or Build Success is displayed in the console window, it is completed.


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

Number of Projects


Motion editor/Dynamics simulator


Dynamics simulator


Integrated Development Platform

AIST RTC collection

RT-Components collection by AIST


Tokyo Opensource Robotics Association


Middleware for DAQ (Data Aquisition) by KEK