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Revision 3115

Added by n-ando almost 6 years ago

merged changes from branches/FSM4RTC/OpenRTM-aist r2773, no confliction:
[FSM4RTC,compat,->RELENG_2_0] Some bugs are fixed.
[FSM4RTC,HRTM,bugfix,->RELENG_2_0] Manager/ComponentManager initialization bug has been fixed. refs #3653
[FSM4RTC,->RELENG_2_0] FSM action listener added. refs #3680
[FSM4RTC,incompat,->RELENG_2_0] renameed FsmStructureAction->FsmStructure, FsmProfileListener added. refs #3680
[FSM4RTC,incompat,->RELENG_2_0] FSM listeners add/remove operations are added to RTObject. refs #3681
[FSM4RTC,ext,example,->RELENG_2_0] Now component observer is connected to the FSM state change operation. refs #3591
[FSM4RTC,HRTM,,->RELENG_2_0] updateFsmStatus now calls RTObject::onFsmStateChanged(). refs #3681
[compat,formatting,->RELENG_1_2,->RELENG_2_0] Braces added.
[incompat,->RELENG_1_2,->RELENG_2_0] std::ostream operations have been added to NVUtil.


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