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rtshell (CUI tools)

rcshell provides a set of tools for managing RT-Components and RT-Systems from a command-line shell. It is a replacement for RTSystemEditor designed for low-resource systems (such as robot control computers). Components can be activated, etc, and connections made without using RTSystemEditor or a GUI.

Source code

For OpenRTM-aist versions 1.0.0 and newer.

rtshell source code rtshell-3.0.0.tar.gz
github page
MD5: d43c9db16d7d6b6d4da31f49108f5e73

Windows installer

rtshell installer (for Python 2.6) rtshell-3.0.0.win32.exe
MD5: bd57d7eb5290fe4ac1c56f29d0a3d569