Compiling method (Windows, Java version)

I will explain how to build in Java.


It is necessary to install Java Development Kit 6 in advance. (Note: It will not work with Java 1.5 (5.0).)

(G)Build procedure from RTC Builder

  1. RTC Profile Editor screen, open the [Language/Environment] tab and select [Java].


  2. Open the [Basic tab] and click the [Generate Code] button to generate the code.


  3. If the development environment plug-in of the code generation target language is installed, the following confirmation message will be displayed Click [Yes]. Then select [Java (default)] in the dialog displayed and click the [OK] button.
    For the Java language, JDT (Java Development Tools) is included in Eclipse in advance.



  4. The information of the project is displayed in the package explorer, but since it is not displayed at all, select [File] > [Update] from the menu or click the [F5] key in the package explorer to display information Updating.

  5. Right-click the file of [build_ module name.xml] and select [Run] > [1 Ant Build].


  6. The build is executed and the build result is displayed on the console screen.


(G)Build procedure from the command prompt

  1. Download Apache Ant from the following site. Apache Ant is a software for running builds. Eclipse has built-in Ant plug-in as standard, but you need to download it in order to run build from the command prompt.

    Download:the Apache Ant Website

  2. Unzip the Zip file and change the folder name as desired. (Eg: apache-ant-x.xx.x → ant)

  3. Move to any folder. (Ex:C:\Program Files\ant)

  4. Set environment variables. (The screen is for Windows 10)
    1. Open the Properties window of the system and click the [Environment Variables] button.


    2. Click "New" button in "System environment variable".


    3. Enter "ANT_HOME" in the variable name, "C:\Program Files\ant" in the variable value, and click the [OK] button. * The variable value specifies the path of the ant folder.


    4. From the "System environment variable" list, select the variable name "Path" and click the "Edit" button.


    5. Click the [New] button, enter "%ANT_HOME%\bin" and click the [OK] button.


    6. Set JAVA_HOME. It is unnecessary if already set.
      Click "New" button in "System environment variable".


    7. Enter "JAVA_HOME" for the variable name and "C:\Program Files\Java\jdkx.x.x.x.x_xxx" for the variable value and click the [OK] button.
      The variable value specifies the path of the Java installation destination folder.


    8. Return to the system property screen and click the [OK] button to close the screen.

  5. Reboot the PC.

  6. Reboot, start the command prompt and enter "ant -version" to check the version of Apache Ant.


    Similarly, type "java-version" and check the Java version.


  7. Build from the command prompt.
    When you enter the following command in the folder of the specified RTC project, the build will start.
     ant -f build_*****.xml (***** is the module name)
    If build succeeds, the following display will be displayed.



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