Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are available to share information about OpenRTM-aist and RT-middleware. Users can submit topics to a mailing list after subscribing to it.

Mailing list

These mailing lists are operated for sharing information amongst developers and users. Some of the lists are linked to the online forums.

Mail address
Topic Open/Close Forum Subscribe/Unsubscribe page
openrtm-users Generic information sharing mailing list. Installation, RT-Component development and other problems and questions are discussed. Currently over 450 members. Open Linked Web page
openrtm-beginners Information sharing mailing list for beginners. Trivial questions are welcome. Open Linked Web page
openrtm-devel Information sharing mailing list for core developers. Internal development issues and specifications of OpenRTM-aist and related tools are discussed here. Open Linked Web page
openrtm-commit This is only for distributing commit information of OpenRTM-aist-related source code to the repository. Open --- Web page

From 2011/05/01, the old mailing list ( has been removed from the AIST mail server and a new mailing list has been started. User accounts on at the end of April (2011/04/20) were automatically moved to the new mailing list (

Subscribing to a mailing list

Because posted mail might be published on the web page, be careful not to post mail including information that should not be published. Please note the following.

  • Personal information and secret information should not be posted.
  • Mail text should not include personal information, such as your e-mail address or phone number.
  • Contents below a line consisting of --- will be omitted as a signature on the forum. So, please insert a --- marker before your signature if your mail client does not add it automatically.

No concrete rules are not defined, but before you submit questions or problems, please note the following points. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Environment information, including operating system, language and software version, should be provided.
  • The process to reach the error or problem should be described.
  • Additional information like web pages and books that you referred should be provided.
  • Please understand that other users who give answers are volunteers and they are not a support desk.
  • Your troubles might inform the next version of the software. Even if you are a beginner at OpenRTM-aist, you might be providing valuable information about problems to other expert users.

How to use the mailing lists

Subscription, unsubscription and settings are controlled from the Web-based user interface.

Subscribing to a mailing list

Go to the above-mentioned mailing list page for the mailing list you wish to subscribe to. Please input your name, e-mail address and password in the form, as shown in the following picture. After inputing information, please push the Subscribe button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address.

Subscription form

Unsubscribing from a mailing list

Go to the above-mentioned mailing list page. Please input your e-mail address in the form as shown in the following picture, and click on the Unsubscribing and edit options button. In the next page, at the middle of the page, you will see the unsubscribing form. Push the unsubscribe button to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Unsubscribing and options form

Change the settings for a mailing list

Go to the above-mentioned mailing list page. Please input your e-mail address in the form as shown in the following picture, and push the Unsubscribing and edit options button.

Options page

The following settings are available:

  • E-mail address
  • Name
  • Password
  • Other mailing list subscription status
  • Send password confirmation mail
  • Terning on/off mail distribution
  • Settings for digest mode


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