Binary packages for MacOS released

30 Oct , 2020


OpenRTM-aist binary packages for macOS on Homebrew was released.

Homebrew is a kind of package manager for macOS, and by using Homebrew various kinds of software can be installed and managed. Now OpenRTM-aist can be installed as binary packages on Homebrew. Available packages are the following.

  • OpenRTM-aist-1.2.2
    • C++ version
    • Python version
    • Java version
    • OpenRTP

Installing OpenRTM-aist, at first, please install homebrew according to the following web page.

And, according to the following instruction, you can install OpenRTM-aist (C++, Python, Java) and OpenRTP.

For example, the C++ version of OpenRTM-aist can be installed as follows.

 $ brew update
 $ brew tap openrtm/omniorb
 $ brew tap openrtm/openrtm
 $ brew install openrtm/openrtm-aist
 $ brew link openrtm-aist
 $ /usr/local/share/openrtm-1.2/components/c++/examples/ConsoleInComp


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

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