Interface guidelines

Interface guidelines

The following interfaces are designed to act as interface guides for various device and software types commonly found in robotics. Adhering to these interfaces, and extending them for additional, specialised functionality, aids in increased reusability of components.

Device type Purpose
Actuator Array Array of actuators, such as those found in a robotic limb. Provides individual control of each actuator in the array.
AIO Analogue input/output. Set voltages of each value in an analogue I/O interface.
Bumper Bump sensor array.
Camera Receive image data from a single camera.
DIO Digital input.output. Set pins of a digital I/O interface high and low.
Fiducial Fiducial-finding devices (such as artoolkit).
GPS Global Positioning System devices that provide location in latitude/longitude.
Gripper High-level control of robotic grippers, such as hands and the grippers found on MobileRobots research robots.
IMU Inertial Measurement Units that provide velocity, acceleration and (sometimes) position and rotation estimates along three axes.
Joystick Joystick control.
Limb High-level control of robotic limbs. Provides for specifying the pose of the end effector without worrying about individual joint positions.
Localise Control over a localisation component.
Map Maps.
Multi-camera Multi-camera version of the camera interface. Stereo or greater is possible.
PanTilt Pan-Tilt units.
Paths Path components.
Point Cloud Get a cloud of points in Cartesian space, such as that returned by a 3D laser scanner.
Position Various sub-interfaces that can be combined to create a position-control and state device.
Power Control over and state of power supplies, such as batteries and chargers.
Ranger Range-based sensors, such as infra-red, sonar and laser scanners. Sensors may be singular (as in the case of a typical laser scanner) or multi-unit (as in the case of a sonar sensor array).
RFID RFID detection, data reading and data writing.

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