Offline system editor


This section outlines the offline system editor.

location of offline system editor

In the offline system editor, RT system editing is done by dragging and dropping components on the repository view to the diagram. The basic operation is the same as the online system editor, but you can not change the state of the RTC. In addition, RTC status is not changed or updated in real time.

(G)Basic functions

(G)Open offline system editor

To open the new offline system editor, click the "Open New Offline System Editor" button on the toolbar or select [File] > [Open New Offline System Editor] from the menu bar.

Open New Offline System Editor from Toolbar

Open New Offline System Editor from File menu

(G)Placing component specifications in offline system editor

To place the component specification in the offline system editor, drag and drop the component specification from the repository view.

Place component specification in offline system editor

You can place it on the offline system editor at once by holding down the Ctrl key on the repository view and selecting multiple component specifications.

Multiple component specifications are put together in offline system editor

(G)Edit component specifications with offline system editor

In the offline system editor, you can do most of the operations except for the operation of the runtime component, which can be done with the system editor, by the same operation as the system editor.

(G)Deployment function

This section outlines the deployment function using the offline system editor.
By using the deployment function, it becomes possible to build the actual system from the offline profile created by the offline system editor.

(G)Setting Deployment Information

Right click on the component placed in the offline editor and select "Set Deploy Info." From the displayed menu, the Deployment Information setting screen will be displayed.

Setting deployment information

Running RTC Running Manager

Deployment information setting screen

On the deployment information setting screen, a list of RTCs and managers currently in operation is displayed. Please select the element to use when deploying the target RTC.
The contents displayed in the NameServiceView are used for the contents of the deployment information setting screen. If information on the running element is not displayed, check the displayed contents of NameServiceView and refresh as necessary.
When selecting composite RTC, only Manager information list is displayed. Please select the manager to use at the time of deployment.

(G)Save and load deployment information

You can save and load the deployment information you set separately from RtsProfile. Right click on the offline editor and select "Save Deploy Info."And "Load Deploy Info." From the menu displayed.

Saving and loading deployment information

When loading the deployment information, search for the corresponding RTC using the component ID (vendor name, category name, component name, version number) as a key.

(G)Running the deployment

If you want to build (deploy) an actual system based on the deployment information you have set up, right-click on the offline editor and select "Deploy System" from the menu displayed.


When you execute deployment, you build (deploy) the real system based on the deployment information that you set. Then open a new online editor and display the deployment results.
If there is a component for which no deployment information is set in the target offline system or if the configured deploy target is not activated at deployment, the following warning screen will be displayed.

Deployment Warning Screen

If you select "Cancel" on the warning screen, the deployment process will be aborted. If you select [OK], use the running deployment target to build (deploy) the system as much as possible.


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