Setting screen

(G)RT System Editor

This section explains the RT System Editor setting screen. The RT System Editor setting screen can be displayed in the menu [window]> [preferences]> [RT System Editor].


In the connection setting, set the heartbeat of the status notification observer and set the connection cycle.
In middleware corresponding to the status notification observer (OpenRTM-aist 1.1 or later), RTC survival is confirmed by heartbeat transmission to the observer. The setting items of the heartbeat are as follows.

Heartbeat setting item

Name Description
Enable heartbeat Specify whether to enable timeout detection by heartbeat.
Heartbeat reception interval Specify the reception interval of the heartbeat.
The unit is seconds, the default is 1.0 second.
Heartbeat reception count Specifies the number of heartbeat reception times for timeout detection.
Reception interval x Receive count=Timeout time [sec]
Default is 3 times.

The connection cycle is the cycle in which the system editor collects system information and reflects it on display in the conventional middleware (OpenRTM-aist 1.0 or earlier).
Units are milliseconds and synchronization is not performed when 0 is specified.

Connection cycle setting screen

(G)Display color

In the display color setting screen, you can set the color of RTC and ExecutionContext status displayed in the system editor. For details on the meaning of each status, see Show RTC in System Editor.

Display color setting screen


On the icon setting screen, you can set the icon image given to the RTC displayed in the system editor and the pattern to be displayed. Set the type of RTC or the pattern of category for display target. Please see Show RTC in System Editor for icon image display image.

Icon image setting screen

Add, edit, and delete icon image entries with the Add, Edit, and Delete buttons. Clicking the [Add] and [Edit] button opens the icon image setting dialog, and sets the pattern to be displayed and the icon image file.

Icon image setting screen

After setting the display pattern, click the [Apply] or [OK] button to apply the setting.
By clicking the [Import] and [Export] buttons, you can read the list of icon image settings from the XML file, It can save to an XML file.

(G)Offline editor

In the offline editor, you can set the parameters that can be selected when connecting a port.
The items that can be set are [Interface Type], [Data Flow Type], [Subscription Type], and values can be selected from the parameters set here when connecting to the port. For the meaning of each, see the connection between data ports.

Offline setting screen

(G)Online editor

In the on-line editor, you can set whether execution confirmation before RTC is executed when RTC action is executed. The initial value is no check (no confirmation).

Online setting screen

(G)RT Name Service View

(G)Connection cycle

The connection period is the period at which the RT Name Service View gathers system information and reflects it on display. &br There are two connection periods, naming service view and system editor. Units are milliseconds, and synchronization is not performed when 0 is specified.

Connection cycle setting screen


The timeout wait time is the time (in milliseconds) to wait when collecting system information, if no connection with the system is established.

Connection cycle setting screen

The relationship between the connection cycle and the synchronization timeout wait time is as shown below.
(Example: When the connection cycle is 1000 ms and the synchronization timeout wait time is 100 ms)

relationship between connection cycle and synchronization timeout wait time


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