DAQ-Middleware has been awarded Technology Award from JSNS (The Japanese Society for Neutron Science)

20 Dec , 2012


The group of Mr. Yoshiji YASU, Mr. Kazuo NAKAYOSHI and Mr. Koji SENDAI that is developing DAQ-Middleware in the KEK (HIGH ENERGY ACCELERATOR RESEARCH ORGANIZATION) has been awarded Technology Award from JSNS (The Japanese Society for Neutron Science). The awards ceremony was held at the 12th Annual Meeting of Japan Society of neutrons, which was held on December 10th to 11th.

DAQ-Middleware, which is mainly developed in KEK, is a data acquisition middleware for high-energy physics and its related fields. This middleware that is implemented various data acquisition application specific functions on the OpenRTM-aist can realize flexible measurement systems.

DAQ-Middleware is widely used for data collection and measurement systems in Japan. For example, it is actually used for data acquisition systems of 15 beam lines in MLF (Material and Life Science Experimental Facility) in J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex).


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