Installation on KuroBoxPro

Installation on KuroBox/PRO

KuroBox/PRO Specification

CPU Marvell88F5182 (ARM9Core/400MHz)
Flash ROM 256MB(NAND)/Linux2.6.12.6
LAN 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T x 1 port
External IO USB2.0 x 2 ports, S-ATA x 2, PCIex1 x 1, UART x 1, GPIO x 2, I2C x 1, JTAG(ARM20pin)
HDD 3.5 inch S-ATA is prepared separately.

Procedures of Installation

There are some examples of how to replace with Debian, you seem to be able to replace with Debian the easiest according to the procedure of sushi-k-nisshi2-san.
  • Replace with Debian according to the procedure in sushi-k-nisshi2-san site.
  • Install the required package with apt-get.(or the installation script is used)
  • Build of OpenRTM-aist
  • Installation

Switch of OS

Please follow the procedure in sushi-k-san. A hard disk that you use should be unformatted.

Switch of tar

You switch tar because it seems not to be able to use "tar" of BusyBox.

 # wget
 You can transfer this from Windows to a Kurobox via samba.
 # gzip -dc gnutar_kuropro.gz >/bin/tar
 # chmod a+x /bin/tar [Enter]

Installing Debian kit

You download the Debian kit and extract it in the root.

 # wget [Enter]
 # tar xvzpf debian_kit.tar.gz -C / [Enter]

Transfer of Debian image

In KuroBox PRO, you put the following file in the shared directory "mtd device(/mnt/mtd)".
  • uImage.buffalo
  • hddrootfs.tar.gz
  • ChangeMeDevHDD
  • ChangeMyUbootEnv
    Hold down the reset switch in the back, then system construction for HDD boot starts automatically. (this is written in Manual).

Download the disc image of Debian from here, and put these file on mtd device. You can do this from Windows via samba or get it with wget.

HDD boot Environment Construction

Hold down the reset switch for 5 seconds in the back. Orange info lamp blinks in front, and partitioning of HDD, extracting the format and the image etc are done. You don't have to dare to log out because you can see an inside condition while you log in. When the info lamp turns off, the proceeding is sure to have finished. KuroBox that is replaced with Debian is sure to start.


This system is the following settings immediately after restart.

IP address
root password kuroadmin

You can login only by ssh, so you login from an appropriate ssh client to set it.

Build of OpenRTM-aist

Installation of package

To install the package, you can use the package installer for Debian( without modification, which is included in OpenRTM-aist-0.4.0. Once you extracted the source of OpenRTM-aist-0.4.0, switch to root and just run under the build directory.

 > tar xvzf OpenRTM-aist-0.4.0.tar.gz
 > cd OpenRTM-aist-0.4.0
 > cd build
 > ls
 > su
 # ./

That's all for installation of the package.

Build of OpenRTM-aist

The following procedure is as same as for a normal PC.

 > cd OpenRTM-aist-0.4.0
 > ./configure
 > make
 > su
 # make install

However, it takes quite a long time(about 1 hour and 45 minutes) to build.

 > time make
 5898.850u 251.470s 1:43:47.10 98.7%     0+0k 0+0io 278pf+0w

It is not so different from KuroBox HG.



latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

Number of Projects


Motion editor/Dynamics simulator


Dynamics simulator


Integrated Development Platform

AIST RTC collection

RT-Components collection by AIST


Tokyo Opensource Robotics Association


Middleware for DAQ (Data Aquisition) by KEK